Walmart getting more EV Chargers built by VW’s Electrify America

Volkswagen with Electrify America will continue to expand its U.S. network of electric vehicle charging stations at Walmart store locations with an emphasis on America's heartland states.

Electrify America already has more than 120 charging stations installed at Walmart stores in 34 U.S. States. Electrify America's chargers at Walmart stores provide fast charging for vehicles, with speeds of up to 20 miles of range per minute of charging.

The companies did not disclose the number of new charging stations they plan to build but it is estimated that they plan to build approximately another 180 additional charging stations at Walmart locations by the end of 2019.

What Walmart offers is the heartland of America and that is a a massive benefit geographically. The use of EVs will continue to rise and infrastructure is needed to accommodate that.  Lack of infrastructure for U.S. drivers to recharge their vehicles is seen as a major barrier to mass adoption of electric vehicles as consumers remain concerned over limited range.

VW has agreed to spend a total of $2 billion nationwide on clean car infrastructure as part of its agreement after admitting to diesel emissions cheating.